Considering 72% of Tinder’s users are male, convincing a woman to swipe right on your profile is no small feat

november 13, 2022

Considering 72% of Tinder’s users are male, convincing a woman to swipe right on your profile is no small feat

What that means is that when it comes time to select photos for your dating app profile, you'll be choosing from a library of sub-par photos full of half-smiles and crap lighting.

Lisa Damico, an Alexandria-based award-winning online dating, headshot, and beauty photographer says that if you want to create a profile that can compete against in a virtual sausage-fest like Tinder, you'll have to invest.

“ If there's one mistake I see over and over again with online dating photos, it's that people add images to their profile by going through whatever photos happen to be on their phone that maybe they could make work.

This almost always results in mediocre photos with poor image quality, unflattering lighting, weird crops, and gives people the wrong message about you and your interests.

Potential dates are left wondering if the phantom arm around you is a sister or an ex-girlfriend. Are you drinking beer out of a trophy because your rec softball team won the championship, or are you still acting like you're in college 15 years later because maybe you have a drinking problem? Mediocre photos will get you mediocre matches every single time - and who wants to waste their time, money, and energy on mediocre dates?”

“Instead, you should build a portfolio of intentionally created photos that are flattering, show you as you are or who you aspire to be, highlight your personal interests and attract people with similar ones (or at a minimum, give them some easy conversation-starting questions to ask), and have been reviewed and approved by people who don't know you as being your strongest images.”

That's the smile of a man that knows that the next woman that sees this photo is going to swipe right.

Christopher Todd

Most of the time the man of her dreams is too elusive to capture on a DSLR, but this time Chris was able to capture him, and in a sport coat nonetheless.

“Keep it authentic- this means we are looking for authenticity in the photos. A genuine smile, a natural pose, and lighting not overly produced.”

Maintaining at the very least a veneer of authenticity won't enough to convince her to drag her finger to the right.

That's great if you look genuine in every photo, but all this effort in appearing genuine loses its luster if every photo is exactly the same. Chris advises changing things up.

You want to draw contrast between each image the viewer will scroll/swipe through. If you post photos that are too similar none of them will stand out.”

Photos For Tinder

As you can imagine, with a company name that directly speaks to the desires of their clientele, this man knows a thing or two about snapping compelling Tinder photos.

“The number one challenge we have with our male clients is convincing them that it's okay to smile. They think they need to master the smoulder look – dark, mysterious, broody. But unless you're James Dean (or Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson), the smoulder look can actually backfire and leave you looking annoyed, or unhappy.

Throughout our extensive testing, we've found that the highest-converting photos usually feature a natural, confident smile. Not a fake “smile for the camera” smile, but a **real** smile. Almost like you're about to laugh. Tip: Get a friend to make you laugh while you're getting your photo taken.

A set of frosty whites isn't always enough to convince her to get her swipe on. Sometimes you'll need that extra sumthin' sumthin'.

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