Geo-location integration is the crux of a dating app and a major reason for Tinder's success

november 16, 2022

Geo-location integration is the crux of a dating app and a major reason for Tinder's success

This not only makes it easier for the users to log in but also for adding information into the Tinder account.

Most singles complain that they are unable to find dates, so a dating app must be able to bridge this gap. And not deliver a wider one.

Besides, users can also have the option to specify their flexibility with respect to the location. For example, one person may be comfortable finding a date just a mile away, and another in an entire state.

Moreover, the closer a match resides to you, the better are the chances of it going to the next level. So if an app suggests matches with a user's neighborhood, the chances of an old-time crush or a random friend appearing as a match go high.

Additionally, users can also cap the geographical area, age, etc for Tinder to find a match

The users must be sure that using the application they will get some good results. This can be ensured only if the profiles that are being matched are from the surrounding areas.

For this feature, you may need to add another 130 hours of work to the plan. 130 hours means that cost will rise up to around $10, 400 if you use a local agency in the United States.

Want something specific? There are many kinds of users on an application that has a huge user database. Some people want to limit their search to a specific name, age, or any other criteria. This helps them to find the profile of a person that they just viewed once.

In many nations, same-sex acts are not legal and one can be punished for it. When any such person travels to a state that does not permit it, the app automatically disappears their profiles. This helps the person stay out of trouble.

One of the best features of Tinder is that a person can start a chat with another person only if there is mutual consent with each other. Only when both users initially swipe right to each other, the match will be made.

Tinder made its way throughout the world as it was launched on both iOS and Android platforms. Today, more than fifty percent of the world's population uses smartphones, so it is very necessary to develop an app that can work on both platforms.

It made it easier for the users to make a match as only a swipe from both ends is the gateway to go ahead unlike the old chat system for making a match.

Consequently, they may choose or reject a match as per their will, from a set of results on their screen.

When dating apps suggest many matches, it is natural to go on more than one first date, until cupid strikes.

For this reason, it is important that users are able to manage their dates and respective venues. Thus, the calendar integration comes to the rescue in such scenarios.

Users can easily keep a track of all the dates they have in the pipeline in the dating app itself.

Besides, one may wish to stay in order with respect to the past, present, and future dates. So make sure to add this in your new application.

So a dating app should always set their search criteria to be local

To boost the authenticity and increase the scope of finding an ideal match, this integration is a must. In online dating finding information from social accounts spices up the conversation to quite an extent.

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